New 2021 Mercedes Benz, a redefinition of luxury cars!

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The New Mercedes Benz S-Class will be with us by mid-2021 in both S580 and S500 and it is worth every coin. The Mercedes -Benz has invested in high-tech to give us a car that works for us in every aspect. The rear seat space is now bigger. You as a driver can now activate and personalize your driver profile with just a fingerprint swipe, voice, or facial recognition. How cool! You can personalize your seat position, music preferences and even climate settings, and restrict this access to you. The Benz has a personalization of profiles of up to seven users. 

This car does not come with as many knobs as all the controls have been automated. Even so, the few knobs are also touch-sensitive and can also be physically pressed. This S-Class has the augmented reality feature that can project destination arrow, direction markers with lighting capable of producing 65 colours and offer visual aid. 

For info and entertainment lovers, the good news is that the car supports wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Driving this car is the best part of why this new Mercedes is revolutionary. This car will ride on an air-sprung suspension. The rear wheel will be able to turn up to 10 degrees. The driver system is semi-automated, Tesla style. It has an eye-tracking camera and sensors that make sure that you are paying attention to the road. 

The vehicle price will range between Ksh 9.6M-11M.  a vehicle worth the purchase.